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Sustainability Policy

GeoConservationUK Policy: Sustainability

  1. GeoConservationUK is the national, not for profit, association of county based geoconservation organisations (RIGS Groups etc) with over 50 members across the whole of the United Kingdom. Collectively the association and its members conserve Local Geological Sites (aka RIGS etc) for education and public benefit and locally provide the lead for conservation, enhancement and management of our geological heritage.
  2. GCUK aims to minimise its environmental impact and to deliver community benefits in all its activities and to maximise its contribution to a sustainable future and a healthy environment.
  3. GCUK will use its influence to encourages its members to adopt practices that minimise their environmental impacts and to seek ways of conducting their activities in an sustainable way that take into account social and environmental considerations.
  4. GCUK will seek to reduce the impact of travel in its operations and meetings by assessing the need for travel and whether the tasks can be equally well carried out by other means such as video‐conferencing, webinar, telephone or email. Where travel is necessary GCUK will promote the use of public transport, car sharing and low carbon modes of travel.
  5. GCUK will seek venues for its meetings which can be readily accessed by public transport and which minimise the combined carbon footprint for all attendees and delegates.
  6. Meetings will be arranged only if there is a clear purpose to them and sufficient notice will be provided to allow attendees to arrange sustainable travel or to embrace alternative technologies.
  7. GCUK is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its executive committee and members by complying with relevant legislation and regulations where applicable and providing leadership in reducing its carbon footprint in a cost‐effective way and will regularly review actions and activities with regard to the association’s risk assessments, Health & Safety and Sustainability policies.

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