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Safe Fieldwork in the UK


  • Take note of the information and advice in relevant sections of the GCUK Health & Safety Policy and other documents to which it refers. If you do not understand what you read, or disagree with it, refer to the Project Leader.
  • Get appropriate training. Know how to use a map and compass.
  • Take care of yourself and others around you.
  • Find out the particular risks of your work and plan for them.
  • Always be suitably clad and equipped for the local terrain and the possible weather extremes which could occur there.
  • Get the protective clothing and safety equipment you need for your work, and use it properly.
  • Always carry a small first aid kit (or have one readily available) and know how to use it.
  • Do not do fieldwork unless you are in good health.
  • Maintain your tetanus coverage.
  • Always ensure that someone knows, or can easily find out, where you are working and when you are expected to return.
  • Know how to do basic first aid, including resuscitation.
  • Know the international distress signals.
  • Report accidents and illnesses.
  • Be aware of likely hazards in your particular working environment.
  • Always move carefully over the ground.
  • Take precautions against possible health and injury hazards.
  • Do not concentrate on your work to the exclusion of hazard awareness.
  • Do not let pressures of work over-ride your sense of self-preservation.
  • Take no unnecessary risks.

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