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RIGS Leaflet

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Published in 2011 by GeoConservationUK, this new leaflet updates the information from the original 1999 version, using the modern terminology and consentration on the education work of GCUK including the Earth Science On-Site project.

The leaflet can be downloaded as a PDF (1.1mB)
Published in 1999 by RSNC Earth Science Team and UKRIGS. The full-colour information leaflet summarises:
  • what RIGS are
  • how they are selected
  • what level of protection they have
  • information about the RIGS network and organisations of RIGS groups
  • how to join a RIGS group
  • how to find out more information

The leaflets are available free from the RSNC Earth Science Team.

Please let us know how many copies you would like by telephoning +044 (0)1384 443644 or info@geoconservationuk.org.uk

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