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RIGS Handbook

First edition published in 1999 by RSNC with the financial support of English Nature, the Hanson Environment Fund, Shell UK, and Scottish Natural Heritage.

The 200+ page loose-leaf handbook aims to cover a wide variety of projects, drawing together the skills and expertise of RIGS groups and practitioners involved in conservation across the UK


  1. An introduction to RIGS and the handbook
  2. A guide to who's who in Earth Heritage
  3. RIGS in context with other initiatives
  4. How to develop and run a RIGS group
  5. Health, safety and access to sites
  6. Recording and documenting RIGS
  7. Understanding the planning system
  8. Interpretation: ideas and resources
  9. Fund raising: ideas and techniques
  10. RIGS and education
  11. RIGS and wildlife conservation
  12. RIGS in urban areas
  13. Undertaking site management
  14. Glossary

The RIGS Handbook is now only available online.

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