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RIGS Groups

The RIGS scheme relies almost entirely on volunteer support and actions in the regional and local communities. Many RIGS groups are affiliated to, or work closely with, other organisations such as local geological societies, local Wildlife Trusts, universities and museums. There are currently 56 RIGS groups in the United Kingdom - with varying degrees of activity. 30 are members of the Association of United Kingdom RIGS Groups (GeoConservationUK). For more information on how to contact your local RIGS group go to contact UKRIGS or consider a copy of the RIGS Handbook.

Group activity

RIGS groups in the United Kingdom have already notified approximately 2,000 RIGS sites and recorded over 10,000 since their formation and the most advanced RIGS groups are establishing a good record of development of site educational and public interest potential through beneficial site management, the creation of geological trails and publication of trail or other leaflets, etc.

Find your local group

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