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2009-10-31 UKRIGS becomes GeoConservationUK
At the 2009 AGM, UKRIGS was officially renamed GeoConservationUK
2007-12-04 Local Geological Site Conservation
The results of the joint project with the Geology Trusts is now available for download. This gives a review of all RIGS Groups and Geology Trusts throughout the UK.
2007-11-27 RSPB Nature After Minerals Project
RIGS Groups are alerted to this ALSF-funded project which involves consultation workshops around England. John Reynolds (Staffs RIGS) and Martyn Bradley (Warwickshire GCG) attended the West Midlands one, held near Tamworth on 13th November.
We were very pleased that RSPB's Alice Davies and team had already included geodiversity in the items to be discussed. We were able to point them to several published items and were pleased to be able to engage fully in discussions without having to bang the drum too hard!
The next event is in the East of England on 5/6 December at Over Community Centre, Cambridgeshire, and the following one in the South East on 16/17 January, near Redhill, Surrey.
Details of all the events are put up on the forum as they are available: www.afterminerals.com
RIGS Groups are encouraged to engage by finding out more and by attending their local event.
2007-09-12 Defend your rights in the planning system
The Planning White Paper consultation has now closed. However, the Planning Bill is yet to be debated in Parliament and so it is not too late to write to your MP {link courtesy of Friends of the Earth} to let him or her know your concerns regarding the Planning Bill - PlanningDisaster.co.uk
2007-08-03 UKRIGS in Scotland
On 28 April members of Scotland’s RIGS groups gathered together in Edinburgh for a Local Geodiversity Workshop.
2007-05-27 Planning White Paper
A coalition of environmental and social organisations supported by over 2.3 million people has come together to fight damaging Government proposals to reform the planning system - read the report here as a PDF.
2006-09-01 LGAPs online
Within the Links section of the UKRIGS web-site are now links to any known online Local Geodiversity Action Plans, if you know of any others, please notify the webmaster.
2006-07-04 UKRIGS Development Strategy 2006-2010
UKRIGS launches its new Development Strategy for the period upto 2010, which can be seen by following the link above.
2006-06-14 Cheshire region LGAP
Cheshire region have launched their Local Geodiversity Action Plan online at www.crlgap.org.uk. This is one of the first LGAPs to be available on the Internet.
2006-05-12 QPA Celebrates “Web Oscar” for Virtual Quarry
The Quarry Products Association’s flagship educational website, the Virtual Quarry (www.virtualquarry.co.uk) has won a major prize in the 2006 Communicators in Business Awards held in Bournemouth last Friday. The site, which was only launched in January this year, picked up the “Most Imaginative Design” award, beating off stiff competition from leading players such as BT and international law firm Allen & Overy.
2005-11-01 NEWRIGS Leaflet published
North & East Wales RIGS (NEWRIGS) have now published their Flint and Ruthin bilingual trail leaflets.
2005-09-09 European Geopark bid and Lgap for Torbay
Under the heading of "Coral Coast" The Torbay Heritage Forum is developing an application for European Geopark status for Torbay, to reflect the national and international importance of the geology of the area and to develop sustainable tourism. In addition, a Local Geodiversity Action Plan for Torbay is currently under development. In order to best support this work we would be very grateful if you could spare about 10 minutes of your time to answer a number of questions on the questionnaire and email the completed form back to this email address. This will be a great help as we currently hold no data re groups using the sites.
I am endeavouring to send this out to as many organisations/people as possible. If you can help by forwarding this to other interested parties, or perhaps by putting an article in a magazine or journal then your help would be very much appreciated.
Mel Border, Education Department, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, Cockington Court, Cockington, Torquay, Devon. TQ2 6XA (tel. 01803 606035) e-mail coralcoast@countryside-trust.org.uk
2005-08-21 Gloucestershire Cotswolds Local Geodiversity Action Plan
Gloucestershire Cotswolds Local Geodiversity Action Plan to be launched on 7th Oct 2005 at the Tithe Barn, Brockworth Gloucester. This has been supported by MIRO, IHS Energy, ODPM, Geology Trusts and Cotswolds AONB.
This will be the 8th LGAP to reach publication stage since 2003. There are others which are embedded in LBAPs and as part of quarry audits.
2005-08-21 The first company LGAP
The first company LGAP is to be presented to the steering group of the committee led by Capita Symonds on Oct 4th.

Cynthia Burek is UKRIGS representative on this committee.

2005-08-21 New Geology Trails
A new geology trail has been published by Cheshire RIGS on Nantwich. North & East Wales RIGS (NEWRIGS) have 2 new trails at the printers.
2005-08-16 Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 9 Published
Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 9: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation was published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister today, supported by a joint ODPM-DEFRA circular. The new policy statement sets out the major role the planning system has to play in conserving our natural heritage, on designated sites and in the wider environment. The circular provides guidance to local authorities on the sites and species that receive statutory protection under national and international law. Later this year, ODPM will also publish a good practice guide to accompany PPS9.

For further information see the press release or the full document.

2005-07-20 North Pennines AONB
North Pennines AONB Partnership are looking for a Geodiversity Officer
Closing date Thursday 21st July 2005
2005-05-25 Dingle Bank Quarry Open Day
WBB Minerals are holding an open day at Dingle Bank Quarry near Chelford from 10.30-3.00 on 4th June 2005.
Contact Nicola Cole on 01270 752522 for further information
2005-05-21 East Anglian Regional RIGS Meeting
A regional East Anglian RIGS meeting has been arranged for Saturday May 21st in Ipswich. The programme, organised by Bob Markham will follow shortly.
2005-05-19 UKRIGS Education Officer ALSF Project Success
The ALSF-funded UKRIGS Education Officer pilot project has succeeded in its prime objective of producing high quality Earth science field teaching activities at four former aggregates sites in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. This has been achieved in collaboration with our partners in the Earth Science Teachers’ Association [ESTA], the Earth Science Education Unit [ESEU] and the National Stone Centre [NSC].
2005-03-11 Dudley Bugs Returned!
Following yesterday's announcement of the teft of Dudley Bug (Calymene) fossils from Dudley Museum, I am please to announce they have been returned by police and two local youths were taken into custody.
2005-03-10 Dudley Bugs Stolen
On Tuesday March 8th, two specimens of the Dudley Bug Calymene were stolen from the displays at Dudley Museum -both fossils had identifying numbers (G662 & G761). f any Dudley trilobites do come to your attention in the immediate future can you please let the Keeper of Geology and Museum Manager know and the Museum will take it from there. Please follow the link to view pictures of the stolen items.
2005-02-07 Local Sites Guidance
DEFRA have been working on another draft of the Local Sites Guidance, authored by English Nature. The latest word is that another consultation will take place, probably summer/ autumn 2005, when PPS9 has hopefully been published.
2004-12-15 GAPs for Aggregates Companies
A Pilot Study
The Development of Geodiversity Action Plans for Aggregates Companies: A Pilot Study

Capita Symonds are undertaking this pilot project which will have implications for some RIGS groups around the country. Some active quarry sites have already been selected and when the selection is finalised a list will be provided for you to get in touch with your local company to see if you can be of assistance. A steering group of about 12 has already been set up which includes Dr. Jonathan Larwood (EN), Dr. Cynthia Burek (UKRIGS), Dr. Murray Gray (QMUL) and Mark Campbell (GT) as well as reps from industry and government. The first meeting is at the beginning of Feb. 2005

2004-11-21 Geological Society Bicentennial
The bicentennial of the Geological Society of London gives an opportunity for improved facilities and interpretation at UK geological sites.
2004-08-21 Education Officer Post
UKRIGS and English Nature are pleased to announce that UKRIGS is to receive an Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund grant for a UKRIGS Education Officer pilot project to use five former aggregates sites.
2004-08-12 UKRIGS Web-site
With the support of English Nature, Staffordshire Ecological Record has designed and launched a new web-site for UKRIGS

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