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Joining RIGS

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There are currently 49 RIGS Groups in England, four in Wales and four in Scotland.

There are many opportunities to become involved in RIGS work. You do not have to be an expert in geology, just have a keen interest in Earth science. RIGS groups draw expertise from right across the board - planners, wildlife conservationists, quarry operators and school teachers, for example and interested enthusiasts are always welcome.

The conservation and management of RIGS is aided by local RIGS groups. Voluntary workers for most groups are involved in the following tasks:

  • The recording of sites (both in the field and on computer recording packages)
  • Helping to protect them through the planning system (this could include anything from submitting a planning report to commenting on a damaging planning proposal)
  • Undertaking practical site conservation tasks (such as cleaning an interesting quarry face from debris and helping with improved access and safety)
  • Getting involved in raising public awareness (this could vary from helping to produce a geological trail or interpretation board, to running a Rockwatch event for children, to leading an adult interest group)
  • Or just attending some of the meetings and attending and helping at events

Every group is diverse in its make-up and activities and the volunteers vary from young Rockwatchers, graduates, planners, keen amateurs, wildlife enthusiasts, to the specialist geologist. The only experience that is essential is an interest in geology and landscape and in its conservation.

If you want to find out more about what your local RIGS group does, contact the UKRIGS for more details or find your location on the Contact Page map.

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