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GeoConservation is a relational database for storing all the relevant information about RIGS sites and other geological sites, utilising standard dictionaries supplied by British Geological Survey, The Natural History Museum and the National Biodiversity Network, together with standardised reports and a computerised version of the RIGS Assessment Form

GeoConservation is written in Microsoft Access and is available in two versions for either MSAccess 97 or Access 2000/XP, running under Windows 98, 2000 and XP. Unfortunately, a Mac version is not currently available.

GeoConservation has been developed by Staffordshire Ecological Record and Hereford and Worcester Earth Heritage Trust.


To download the required files, follow the relevant link below. You will be required to enter your user name and password before the download will start. The user name is your Centre Number (including the RIGS... prefix), the password is your Centre ID.

If you cannot remember your Centre ID or you are a new user and require a Centre Number & ID, please contact the GeoConservationUK Project Officer.

Full Installation of Version 2.23

This includes all the necessary files for a full copy of GeoConservation, complete with a Windows Installer to install the program on your computer. Both files are zipped for faster downloading:

  • Access 97 (8.5mBytes) uploaded 3/9/2004 (v2.10b and no longer supported)
  • Access2000 (8.0mBytes) uploaded 01/2011 Latest version - 2.23

Note: From version 0.53, the above Setup files can be used as a simple method of updating your copy of GeoConservation. Simply re-install into the current directory, your data will not be over-written (ensure your system is backed-up before any upgrade!)

Download the required zip file to a convenient directory and unpack the SetupXXX.exe, again to a convenient location (e.g. C:Temp), then run the setup program, either by double clicking within Windows Explorer, or by typing C:\Temp\GeoConservationSetupXXX.exe at the RUN prompt on the Start Button.

Updates for an existing installation

The following links allow you to update your copy of GeoConservation by downloading the relevant updated copies of the essential databases within GeoConservation. All files are zipped for faster downloading:

The above zip files should be unpacked and the existing files overwritten (note the warning about RIGS Data). Ensure your whole GeoConservation directory is backed-up before running any updates.

Although all efforts have been taken to ensure later version of GeoConservation are compatible with existing data, the GeoConservation Partnership will not be responsible for data lost or corrupted during an update.

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Directory Structure

  • GeoConservation root directory
    • RIGS97.mdb or RIGS2000.mdb
    • DictUpdate.mdb if available
    • Updater97.mdb or Updater2000.mdb if available
    • GeoConservation.hlp
    • GeoConservation.cnt
    • Databases (directory)
      • CentreData.mdb
      • NBNDict.mdb
      • RIGSData.mdb
      • RIGSDict.mdb
    • images (directory)
      • logo.bmp if available

Page created by Salticus Web-hosting © GeoConservationUK, 2018 Page updated 16/01/2011