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GeoConservationUK History

GeoConservationUK is the national organisation formed in 1999 and formerly named UKRIGS with the encouragement and support of NCC's successor statutory conservation agencies and RSNC to represent the RIGS movement and its independent, regional and county-sized RIGS groups across the UK.

Principle aims

GeoConservationUK recognises the concept of geodiversity and that its maintenance is fundamental to a balanced environment and a key measure of the sustainable use of our urban and rural landscapes and their resources. GeoConservationUK will work with other organisations and agencies to conserve our surviving Earth science heritage at local, regional, national and intra-national levels.

GeoConservationUK primary purpose is to '....encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Regionally Important Geological & Geomorphological Sites for education and public benefit....' through nine principal objectives set out in full in its constitution. For more information, consult the UKRIGS development strategy.


  • A six page document governing the way GeoConservationUK is run
  • Adopted on 17th June 1999 (just before the first AGM at the second annual conference)
  • First revision 4th September 1999
  • Second revision 15th September 2001
  • Third revision 4th September 2004
  • Fourth revision 31st October 2009
  • Fifth revision 6th November 2010
  • Sixth revision 29th October 2011

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