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Executive Meeting Agenda

Eightieth Meeting of Executive Committee

To be held at Dudley Museum, 12.00 pm on 20th July 2010

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
  4. GCUK Branding and Publicising (including new logo)
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. National RIGS Data Collation Project Phase 2 and proposed Phase 3
  7. Esme Fairburn proposal
  8. CPD Courses: proposed November 2010
  9. Regional Partnerships; AWRG and GeoConservation Scotland
  10. Geoparks reports
  11. Issues and reports from member groups: potential for training and funding support
  12. LGAPS (Lancashire LGAP)
  13. UKGAP website- input from Member Groups"
  14. Newsletter
  15. Website
  16. Potential meeting with M Whiteley (GT Chair)
  17. Consultations:
    • PPS Consultation Document. "Planning for a Healthy Natural Environment’’; ‘‘Biodiversity and Geological Conservation – Statutory obligations and their impact within the planning system’’;
    • Consultation draft of the report on Geodiversity in London’s Designed Landscapes
  18. Conferences/External Meetings:
    • UKGAP Group Meeting 8th July 2010: Report
    • Countryside Recreation Network: ‘‘Managing Guided Walks, Trails and Events’’ Jun 2010
    • Engaging with Geodiversity- why it matters; 1st December Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburghwith
  19. Landscapes
  20. Marine Act and its implications for geodiversity: potential joint conference
  21. AOB
  22. Date of Next Meeting

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