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Executive Committee

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GeoConservationUK executive committee was first elected at the first AGM of UKRIGS in September 1999. The current elected committee members and officers, are as follows:

Current Executive Committee

Lesley Dunlop BSc, BA, MSc, PGCE, FGS
Lecturer in Physical Geography and Geology, Northumbria University, Project Officer Berkshire Geoconservation Group, Vice Chair Oxfordshire Geology Trust, Member of NE Geodiversity Forum and SE Geodiversity Forum, Durham Geoheritage Group
Alan Cutler BSc., M.CAM., Dip.M., M.CIM
Vice Chairman, Black Country Geological Society (founder member and Chairman 1975-2000). Contributor to the 1990 Nature Conservancy Council Earth Science. Geological Advisor, Dudley Museum.
Dr Ian Stimpson
Senior Lecturer in Geophysics Keele University, Chair of GeoConservation Staffordshire
Dr Kenneth Addison MA, DPhil, FGS, FRMetS, FRGS
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, Wolverhampton University. Fellow & Tutor in Physical Geography, St Peter's College, Oxford University. GeoConservation Cymru - Wales (GCW)
Mr Keith Ambrose BSc
Geoconservation Commission; Chairperson, Leicestershire and Rutland RIGS; Nottinghamshire RIGS; British Geological Survey, Keyworth
Mike Browne BSc, C.Geol, FGS
Project Manager (central Scotland), British Geological Survey, Edinburgh. Chair of Lothian & Borders, Fife and (acting Chair) Tayside RIGS Groups.
Angus Miller
Tom Hose
John Lackie
Gary Dawson
Craig Slawson
Ecological Records Coordinator for Staffordshire Ecological Record, who acts as the GeoConservationUK Webmaster


The committee meet every four to six weeks and are elected at each AGM.


The agenda for the next meeting are available on request to the secretary and members may comment on the content to the secretary.

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