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GeoConservationUK is made up of the membership of RIGS groups across the British Isles and exists to promote RIGS for education and public benefit. GeoConservationUK works towards a British Isles perspective. It also focuses on common purposes and issues of interest to local RIGS groups. It fulfils the need for RIGS groups to work together in partnership to create a strong ‘British Isles’ approach to seeking funds and standardising techniques.

The GeoconservationUK mission statement:
'The Association will encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites for education and public benefit'


There are currently 30 member groups and two associate members, with the potential of rising to 55-60 and 8-10 respectively. Allowing for those relatively small areas of the UK not currently covered by a RIGS group, membership could rise to a maximum of 70.

Membership fee 10.00UKP pa. for RIGS groups.

Current national office

The Studios,
53 High Street
Telephone +44 (0)1384 443644
Email info@GeoConservationUK.org.uk
Web: www.GeoConservationUK.org.uk

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